Specialist services

We have a range of specialist teams ready to support our software with a human touch.

From content writers who create compelling campaigns, posts, and stories to get your people logging in daily, to people and data analysts who dive into your data and use it to drive your business forward.


Communications & content

Great software needs great content.  Our team of professional communicators understand that an informal approach to communication helps flatten structures and supports a ‘we are all in this together’ mindset.


Event solutions

Software should inspire meaningful conversations.  We bring people together from All Hands staff meetings to full scale conferences and provide the full service of event production and people logistics.


Engagement expertise

Our specialists understand that genuine employee engagement is the emotional connection an individual has with their job, the company, their colleagues and their customers.  They will help you prove the link between employee engagement and company performance.


Employee engagement surveys

Work with our surveys team to create an engagement survey that drives your business forward. Our surveys share user scores instantly and quickly compile useful data with managers to show them how they can improve. Your survey will be unique to your company and we’ll work with you to ensure you get back the data that you need.


Software development

Our software is easily configured.  It also offers the flexibility to create bespoke modules that are very specific to your needs, which means that our software offers you the cost of a product with the value of a bespoke solution.


People & data analytics

People analytics and business intelligence is very much part of the service we offer with our software.  Should you want more, or you would simply like us to analyse other data sets, we’d love to help.


Data processing

The power of data is often compromised by the quality of the data.  Our data processing team will make sense of very complex data, identifying issues, duplication and exceptions to give you confidence in your data.