Cut us open and we bleed blue... River Blue that is. But we've also got lots of great stuff stored up in our heads and we'd lOve to share it with you.

Making Great Days at Work – Four things you can do today

If you’ve spent any time on our website, you might have noticed that we talk a lot about “making great days at work”. Cue visions of lunchtimes at the pub, bringing your dog to the office and endless company perks… hurray! Those would all make our working days great, right? Sure, personal passions, work/life balance and what you have for lunch all make a difference.

But the industry body, Engage for Success says that whatever you thrive on, employee engagement comes down to four key enablers. That is, there are four main reasons why people have great days at work:

Strategic Narrative. Engaging Managers. Employee Voice. Integrity.

Whenever I read those words, I can’t help but picture four superheroes swooping down to cast their enabling superpowers on us all. Now, we’re not saying we’re superheroes exactly… but at River we help to solidify these four super pillars throughout our clients’ organisations. And, we often create tools to facilitate this: employee surveys that help Managers to engage more with their team and give employees a voice, and social recognition platforms that bring an organisation’s purpose to life and establish a culture of integrity, helping employees to really believe their company’s values.


Summer. The glorious season of long, sun-filled days, light evenings and copious amounts of Pimms on ice… we can almost hear the distant sound of waves crashing against the shoreline. But if you’re taking some time to work from home or spending your summer at the office, we’ve got some sure-fire ways to make the most of the next few months. You might even soak up some rays while you’re at it!

Take your meeting outside

We can’t think of anything worse than sitting in a hot, stuffy meeting room when it’s 25 degrees outside. Grab your colleagues and go for a wander… you might find that new ideas pop into your head while you’re walking. Plus, fresh air is said to improve your creativity and make you more productive! Winner.

Get Patriotic

From guessing the outcome of the general election to streaming endless Wimbledon matches in the office, summer is the season to enjoy the delights of the Great British summertime and everything it brings. We love it! Set up a sweepstake in your team, treat your colleagues to strawberries and cream or get in the Murray mind-set and organise a tennis tournament after work.

The Obsession with Benchmarking and Fake News

Ant Monger discusses why brave organisations should spend less energy and focus on comparing themselves to others and more on backing their own winning horse.

Benchmarking: The practice of comparing your organisation to others, has been around for years now… and some of us still love it. But today, we’re living in a different age; things happen instantly and customers expect a lot more from the brands they’re loyal to. It’s the same story in the world of work – staff demand more from their employers and they want it right there and then.

Benchmarking doesn’t truly drive action

Before we examine the flaws of traditional benchmarking, it’s worth looking at the historical reasons why we benchmark, what it’s supposed to tell us, and what we do with the information.

Reasons why we THINK we benchmark:

It helps us to answer some burning questions, such as:

·         Are we above or below the global average?

·         How far off the top are we?


Hear the word “blue” and you might think of crystal clear seas, a pop group from the noughties or that classic tune by Eiffel 65… we know we do! But being “blue” has taken on a meaning of its own at River.

Last year we launched our internal recognition programme, which has its own app and website. It’s called River Blue and it’s a place where everyone can post updates, like and comment on each other’s posts and see all the cool and interesting stuff happening at River every day. It’s also the place where we recognise the amazing work happening across our business.  

Remember the last time someone took the time to say thanks to you? The recognition programmes we run for some of our clients genuinely help to make their people feel valued for the work they do every day. Sometimes a simple “Well done!” is all it takes to make someone feel a part of the team.

For us, being River blue is an attitude. Something you can’t quite describe but when we see it, we know! 

Our people have the chance to nominate anyone else for a job brilliantly done – whether it’s an individual who brings tons of enthusiasm to every project they work on, or a team who have pulled together to get something sorted at the last minute. All it takes is a post on River Blue saying who they’re nominating and why… then everyone else can like it and comment on how much of a star (or stars!) they are.


Over the years we’ve got to know the engagement survey industry very well! By seeing how surveys operate first hand, we’ve identified how they can have a far greater impact.

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