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Employee engagement trumps perks and benefits:
How business leaders need to create an environment of freedom, safety and collaboration

Phil Dunk, CEO at River, explores the longstanding value of true engagement versus the quick wins of perks and benefits.

From discounts on gym membership to restaurant meal vouchers, employee perks and benefits are big business. For most of us, offering an instant reward feels like the easiest way to say thanks to our staff, and therefore seems like the quickest way to achieve the holy grail of employee engagement. After all, an engaged workforce is a profitable one, so if we engage our people more quickly, we’ll see the difference in our bottom line earlier, right? Why then, with so much being spent on instant rewards, are employee engagement and productivity levels at an all time low?

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Securing budget: Six ways to build a business case for engagement

If you’re an HR professional looking to the financial year ahead, there’s a strong chance your thoughts are moving towards your organisation’s engagement strategy. Is it time to make a change or pilot the latest advances in engagement? If so, you’re probably wondering which approach will have the biggest impact and how to secure the budget to deliver it.

On our journey as an employee engagement provider, we’ve seen first-hand how clients have proposed an engagement tool to their board, what’s worked and what’s not. We’ve also partnered with them to secure buy-in and budget to make it a success.

Here’s a series of recommendations in six key areas that’ll boost your chances of securing budget and ensure long term investment in an employee engagement strategy.

2018 Predictions Report: Observations in People Engagement and Business Improvement

Productivity battles, the emergence of Generation Z and a mass of digital innovation to wade through. How will you tackle the challenges of the years ahead?

We've created a collection of observations, based on conversations with our customers in retail, automotive and other transformational sectors, to spark a discussion about how your business can navigate 2018 and beyond.

Our hope is that by debating these challenges that we all face now and in the future, it will encourage action on how you’ll shape your business, your people and your technology platforms in the days to come.

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BLOG: How Agile thinking can liberate the workplace

River's COO, Tom Howlett discusses how Agile thinking can help us to create working environments that speak to our younger generation.

If, like me, you keep one eye on the UK’s productivity levels, you’ll have spotted that it’s been almost completely flat for the last decade. While other G7 economies are rising, we seem to have settled into a trend which sees us stuck in neutral – and likely to go into reverse if levels don’t improve.

You don’t have to be an analyst to work out what this means for our new generation of graduates and young people entering today’s workforce. As a nation, we should be smarter – more people are leaving university with first class degrees – but (as the stats clearly show) this new blood is not being used effectively.

We need a new paradigm.

BLOG: Using People Analytics to Demystify Engagement- Engage-Connect-Improve

Ritu Mahandru discusses unlocking the power of people analytics to inspire great days at work.

It’s great to see the return of the People Analytics Forum to the UK from 29th – 30th November. As Europe’s leading People Analytics event, the speakers nicely bring together the importance of using data and analytics to continuously engage, connect and improve every company’s biggest asset – their people. 

The most successful organisations – big, small and everything in between – all have something in common. They create caring, compassionate, human and psychologically safe working environments. 

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In 2018, we know more about why it's important for employees to have great days at work than ever before. And yet, we're still seeing lots of organisations struggle to invest in employee engagement. Well, sometimes you’ve got to be bold, be brave, try things, fail fast and learn from it!

We were thrilled to speak about this topic at Engage Employee's Evolution of Work conference last year. For a taster, enter your details to download our free infographic: 'Employee Engagement - Five Ways to Be Brave & Embrace Change'

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Over the years we’ve got to know the engagement survey industry very well! By seeing how surveys operate first hand, we’ve identified how they can have a far greater impact.

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