Employee engagement

Are you looking for a way to boost staff retention, loyalty, and productivity?

Maybe you’ve already tried Yammer, installed an intranet that no one uses, and slogged over an unread company newsletter. But nothing’s worked.

We offer something different: a combined recognition and social platform that allows your employees to celebrate each other’s achievements with the click of a button whilst also learning about your business, reading the latest company news and updates, and sharing posts with their colleagues through a social timeline.


Let’s make things better

Employee engagement is so much more than just a score from a survey.  It’s something that can’t be interviewed for, can’t be written into a contract, but is the difference between a high performing company and the rest. The link between employee engagement and profitability is unequivocal.

To feel engaged, employees need to connect with their colleagues, feel recognised and rewarded for a job well done and have the opportunity to expand their knowledge.

Our app does it all.


What does our app do?

Our app is an internal recognition and social media platform for your teams

But it does more than just let people share what they've had for tea.  Most workplace social apps are just empty timelines which no one ever posts to because there’s nothing on them worth seeing.

With our app, everyone can come together to celebrate, reward and share their successes together. Our timelines are full of recognition cards, learning materials, business updates, and rewards to make sure your employees feel engaged and connected with each other and your company.



Get your people connected through our simple social timeline. Users can share pictures, stories, and cards on the timeline and instantly get to know each other better. Move away from your long, drawn-out company newsletter and instead share short, fun company blogs or timeline posts to keep people in the know.



The app comes with a range of recognition cards for users to send to each other from day one. Cards appear on the social timeline for everyone to see, celebrate, and comment on. This is one of the most popular elements of the app, with employees sending each other a whopping 1,200 cards every single month across our programmes.



Make learning simple again with the app’s inbuilt, easy-to-use learning decks. They’re perfect for creating short, simple learning quizzes to quickly educate your people. You can even assign a points value for completing the quizzes and reward your teams for expanding their knowledge.



Rewarding your people couldn’t be easier on the app: simply click to send deserving employees reward points which they can then redeem in the online voucher catalogue. We're partnered with Love2shop and manage the whole process, so all you have to do is decide who to reward!


Pricing plan

Our core app features are available through a monthly subscription cost which is based on the number of employees in your business.  Core features can be turned on or off, without affecting the cost, depending on your business requirements.

If you want a more in-depth version of the app, you can also buy advanced features such as incentives and employee engagement surveys. You can also take advantage of our supporting services, which will be quoted for dependant on your needs, or work with us to create a completely bespoke solution.

The monthly subscription covers the app’s core features; recognition cards, rewards catalogue, social timeline, and learning cards. Alongside this, you benefit from:

  • Monthly calls with a Customer Success Manager to help you get the best from the app

  • User reports to identify levels of engagement with the app

  • Twice-yearly people analytics reports to give insight on the people in your business

  • Weekly employee data imports to keep user accounts up-to-date

  • User email support to give people help when they need it

  • Application support to resolve any technical issues

  • Software configuration to control your app’s features

  • Personalisation to match your brand’s logo and corporate colours

  • Complete hosting package to look after your domain

  • Free updates and access to future software innovations.

Employees Cost
Small business
0 to 1,000

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Medium business
1,000 to 5,000

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Large business
5,000 to 20,000

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Huge business

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Advanced features

Our advanced features will be quoted for individually. Get in touch to discuss the possibilities.


Sometimes, a little competition can be healthy; especially between Sales People. We design, manage and run unique incentive programmes that help companies achieve their business goals. Whether you’re looking to sell more of a particular product, or help drive behavioural change, incentives can be a great way to motivate your people.

Engagement surveys

Traditional surveys don’t cut it anymore; you can’t afford to wait 6 months to get any useful data back. Our surveys share user scores instantly and quickly compile useful data for managers to show them how they can improve. Your survey will be unique to your company and we’ll work with you to ensure you get back the data that you need.

Bespoke development

Occasionally, companies want something specific to them that goes beyond our software. For us, that’s a fantastic opportunity. We’ll get under the skin of your company to understand your goals and the barriers that have stopped you achieving them, before building you a programme as unique as your company.


Specialist services


Included within the cost of our software is a basic level of service, which is all you need if you’re happy to manage your employee engagement programmes internally.

However, if you’d like to sit back and see your engagement levels rise without lifting a finger, we have a range of specialist teams ready to support your software with a human touch. From content writers who create compelling campaigns, posts, and stories to get your people logging in daily, to people and data analysts who dive into your data and use it to drive your business forward.

Many of our clients, such as Vaillant and JLR, use our full range of supporting services to deliver a high-value engagement programme that goes beyond software.

Get in touch to discuss our rates.


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