We're Blue Da Ba Dee

Hear the word “blue” and you might think of crystal clear seas, a pop group from the noughties or that classic tune by Eiffel 65… we know we do! But being “blue” has taken on a meaning of its own at River.

Last year we launched our internal recognition programme, which has its own app and website. It’s called River Blue and it’s a place where everyone can post updates, like and comment on each other’s posts and see all the cool and interesting stuff happening at River every day. It’s also the place where we recognise the amazing work happening across our business.  

Remember the last time someone took the time to say thanks to you? The recognition programmes we run for some of our clients genuinely help to make their people feel valued for the work they do every day. Sometimes a simple “Well done!” is all it takes to make someone feel a part of the team.

For us, being River blue is an attitude. Something you can’t quite describe but when we see it, we know! Our people have the chance to nominate anyone else for a job brilliantly done – whether it’s an individual who brings tons of enthusiasm to every project they work on, or a team who have pulled together to get something sorted at the last minute. All it takes is a post on River Blue saying who they’re nominating and why… then everyone else can like it and comment on how much of a star (or stars!) they are.

Every month three or four nominees are chosen as winners and awarded with a prize and a River Blue jar to keep on their desks in honour of their hard work. We make it personal too; finding out what each winner loves to do and giving them a prize that they’ll genuinely enjoy. We’ve given away tickets to a rave at the Shard to our soul-loving Account Manager and one of our fab developers is ticking off something he’s always wanted to do – ride in a helicopter.

Want to find out more about how we can help you to improve your recognition approach? Check out some of our Employee Engagement client stories or email Ant.Monger@riveragency.com.


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