Are you a super-talented developer, data whizz or award-winning account handler? 

We're always looking for fresh faces and new talent to join us and help to change the way companies engage their people. We value innovation, creativity and collaboration, and we don't believe any other agency can match us for passion, commitment and fun! Look out for our vacancies here, or send your details to


What it's like to work here

Here are some of the things our people love about working at River, along with a few words of advice for our new starters.

River is a fabulous place to work with amazing people who are passionate about making a difference...I love being a part of making great days at work for both us and our customers.
Working here allows you to really unlock yourself to do the best work you can do. There are no chains, red tape or sign offs standing in your way...
I like being given autonomy and the confidence to make my own decisions, yet still having a great team around to support and have some banter with! My advice to anyone joining River is take the plunge, it might feel different (and sometimes a little scary!) to start with because the way River do things can be different. Stick with it and you’ll be glad you did.

Our culture & values

Be Yourself

River is a place where people are authentic, real, themselves. Our culture is inclusive, and everyone’s individuality is respected and embraced. Whoever you are, whatever you’re into… River values you.

Show you care

Our people have each other’s backs. At River, we look out for everyone and care for our clients, our suppliers and our environment. Building strong, valuable and lasting relationships is about being supportive and collaborating openly. We muck in and get stuck in because we know others will do the same for us.

You Decide

Believe in your own effectiveness. Ask for input and be free to experiment with new ideas. Thrive on freedom but take responsibility for adding value wherever you can. 


Want to learn more about what working with River is like?  Download our River Book of Everything