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Get a handle on messy data and make it work for you

Feeling lost in your data? Got lots of data stuck in excel spreadsheets that no one ever sees? Want to easily share that data and help your people work with it to improve your business? Data is one of the most important assets a company has. Yet, most businesses have little control over theirs and no idea how to make it work for them.

We build customisable business intelligence dashboards and network management software to help you get a handle on your data and put it in the hands of the people that matter.

Let us fix your data struggle


When we talk to businesses about their data, the conversation usually starts with a groan. Sometimes, getting to the heart of it can feel impossible. Data hiding in emails can take forever to analyse and becomes out of date and irrelevant. One of the worst places for data to live is in Excel - you’ll end up with multiple versions, in multiple places, with no one single truth.

If disorganised data from multiple sources all over the place sounds familiar, we can help get your data out of Excel and into the hands of the people that need it.


Make data easy again

Our business insight dashboard and management software bring data from across our clients’ businesses to life in one central place. They can be instantly accessed, help to uncover new trends, drive behaviour, and inform business decisions.

Our software provides non-technical users with the data they need in easy to use applications, giving them the confidence to make accurate decisions. So, bring us your messy data and watch us make it simple.

Reduce your reliance on outdated spreadsheets
Make your data transparent and easy to understand for everyone
Drill down into your data and use it to drive decisions
Manage and improve performance across your whole business

Let’s make something great

‘Plug-and-play’ software can get you out of the blocks quickly and have a short-term impact, but for lasting success, we believe you need something more bespoke. Our agile approach allows for quick deployment of core functionality which can be enhanced by features tailored to your business. Our platforms may have 60-70% of what works for you, but it’s the 30-40% bespoke element that drive real success.

We have two distinct software platforms which can both be customised to your requirements:




A dashboard is perfect for you if your company wants to take multiple strands of data and simplify it. The dashboards visualise your data in a simple format that everyone can access and allow you to add KPIs and other metrics to guide performance improvement.

Choose our dashboard software if you want to:

  • Combine large numbers of data feeds and sources into a single location

  • Seamlessly maintain up to date KPIs

  • Perform hierarchical drill-downs and data interrogation

  • Access your data quickly and easily in one online location

  • Receive detailed reporting of usage and user engagement


Network performance management


Our network performance management software offers everything that a dashboard does but also uses Power BI to create the links between your live, complex data in instant, simple dashboards. Have total transparency throughout your network with visible metrics and see your people setting each other tasks and actions to improve their performance.

Choose our network performance management software if you want to:

  • Access everything that a dashboard offers, plus

  • Create scoreboards and report on them

  • Create and track of action plans from your metrics

  • Audit and assess your networks

  • Manage network visits and build online agendas

  • Access Power BI and in-depth data analytics


Both platforms are multilingual and supported in multiple platforms , so no matter how far and wide your people are spread, they can all use one simple system.

Get in touch to discuss what we can achieve together.


Specialist services


It’s our people that make the difference. We partner with you to understand your business and your objectives so that together, we can make something truly great. When you buy our software, you’re also buying expertise from our UX, Development, Product, and BI specialists.

Alongside this, we have a range of other specialist services that can form an extended team to ensure the long-term success of your platform. From bespoke software development to in-depth people analytics and Power BI, let us help you take your data further.

Software development

Software development

People and datanalytics

People & data analytics

Data processing

Data processing


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